Tardek OÜ have right to make transit declarations from 9 different countries in europian union . Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sweden. Our declarants are working 24/7.


We have right to make open T1 documents in Finland (valtuutettu passi). For our reliable clients we offer open T1, it means that we can make open T1 without opening T1 form local customs. This will save time and money.


We have our Russian company OOO Tardek. For russian client is much easier to invoicing with russian company. OOO Tardek have account in Sberbank.


We have our Belarusian company OOO Tardek Logistics. For belarusian client is much easier to invoicing with belarusian company. OOO Tardek Logistics have account in Alfabank.

How to

In the border of Estonia and Latvia we have possibility for drivers to send us documents for making transit declarations. In the Estonian border Shumilkino/Luhamaa, Latvian Border Burachki/Terekhovo, Ubylinka/Grebnevo and Grigorovschina/Paternieki.

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